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Jennifer Zhuang
Jennifer Zhuang
15:34 13 Oct 20
I went to Dr. Zhang since 2014, my immunity was low, and I had 3 miscarriages between 2010 and 2014. I had 3 sections... with Dr. Zhang, to boost up my immunity first, then nourishing my productive system, and final section for thinning my blood (sticky blood caused my miscarriages). I gave birth to a very healthy boy in 2015. After that I go back to Dr. Zhang every 2 years to have a section, just to maintain and balance my whole system, often in September, so I can have a smooth winter without being ill ( don’t get me wrong, I’m still getting ill, but fast recovering, normally recovered after one or two good night sleep. )read more
Maria Veresova
Maria Veresova
14:19 13 Oct 20
Excellent Care from Dr Zhang. I have been her client for a while now and every time I felt a professional and caring... approach. I had some uncomfortable pains in my breast last year and after the course of treatment I was free of pain plus gained more physical and mental energy. Recently I went again and I feel that this time one treatment worked already, but if I need to I’m back. I always think of her as my first choice if I feel my body is not at its best. I had acupuncture, acupressure and herbs. These treatments are a bit out of my price range, but I’m happy to save and still go there, because of my good more
Kristina Belotelova
Kristina Belotelova
18:34 11 Sep 17
Excellent customer experience and great results! Herbs & teas help to balance the body (and mind) in a gentle and... natural more
Cheng Toh
Cheng Toh
16:24 26 Apr 17
I had a very bad back shoulder pain after been injured ,a friend recommended to me than I went to DR Zhang and she... help me do only 3 time of the treatment cupping,electron acupuncture,massage it was a brilliant after the treatment totally recovered.DR Zhang had such a great knowledge and professional skills and will highly recommend this to anyone .read more
Swee Whitehouse
Swee Whitehouse
08:33 30 Jun 16
I went to see Dr Zhang with a chronic digestive issue that I had been suffering from for 3 or 4 years. Within a week,... I started to eat pasta and bread again—that after 2 whole years of suffering severe indigestion from ingesting any wheat-based food.Within 4 weeks, I was eating normally again. My energy levels were up and my immune system improved (previously I was having colds every few weeks during winter time). All my friends commented on how much younger and healthier I looked (I had a sallow complexion before).I highly recommend Dr Zhang for anyone like me who has been diagnosed with IBS or related more
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