Electro acupressure

Electro acupressure brings together the use of magnetic, heat and electro therapy to heal aches and pains related to the neck, back, spine, hip and leg

Acupressure, like acupuncture, is based on the traditional Chinese medicine which posits that a vital energy or qi flows through pathways (known as meridians) in the body. It is the stimulation of these acu-points (trigger points) in the meridian network that helps to clear blockages in these meridians and heal.

Electro acupressure is a specific and non invasive form of this technique. During treatment, mini electrical pulses are applied to stimulate the acu-points (trigger points) for short periods of time with the aim of pain relief as well as the ability to heal a large number of symptoms and maladies.

It is also particularly effective for toning the body as part of a larger weight loss and or slimming programme.